Peter Mann History of the League

Northern Alliance Press Officer, Peter Mann, who is about to begin his seventh season in the role, has begun researching, and writing, a new book about the league.

Peter, an established journalist and author with near twenty years' experience, is due to have what will be his fourth offering, ‘Against the Odds: The Life of Jackie Kallen’ put to print very soon, and has now taken the baton in regards the leagues’ long, and illustrious history, for his fifth book.
“The autobiography I’m due to have published, via Britian's Next Bestseller/Live It Publishing, has been more than three years in the making,” began Peter.
“As is always the case however, when one project is close to finishing, people always ask as to what the next project will be.
“I’ve held back on looking at doing something else but, with how the past few years have been, and although the league has an official history in print already (Jon Tait’s Goalmouth, 2015), I felt it would be more than viable to bring forth a more up-to-date, maybe even detailed, version.”
The Northern Football Alliance would first see the light of day back in 1890 and, but for the war years, and a spell of being eaten up by the then North Eastern League, in the (19)twenties and thirties, has ran pretty much every season over that time.
To aid with the successful completion of the book, Peter is asking for help of member clubs, old and new, of which there are many, and any former committee, managers, and players, that can shed further light on the leagues' illustrious history.
“I’m aware as to the size of the project at hand,” added Peter.
“But, I’ve a love for football, and sporting history, so I’ve no problem with the time it could take – and I’ve already made a good start on it, so it’s ticking the right boxes, so far at least.”
If anyone can assist Peter Mann in his new, literary project, please send him an email via, and follow his author page at


This entry was posted on July 14, 2022

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